Crunchier Gumeshoe Combat

Hello all,
I own the 2nd edition of Esoterrorists and, from what I understand, the Esoterrorist Factbook has crunchier combat rules, but also has information already contained in the 2nd edition core book.  So if I am interested in adding crunchier combat to an Esoterrorist adventure, would you recommend I purchase the esoterrorist factbook, or something like NBA?

Thanks in advance!


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    The combat rules in the Esoterror Factbook are almost identical to NBA's rules. In fact, it's practically a copy and paste with rewriting to fit the different setting. I think you should base your decision on whether the extra content that NBA brings to the table like Covers, Contacts, Cherries, Vampires, and Heat is worth the extra money. The Factbook is $10-$15 cheaper depending on whether you get a pdf or a hardcopy. If the NBA setting even remotely interests you, that's probably your best bet.
  • Thanks John!  NBA it is then.  I appreciate the help!
  • No problem. If you like the Cherries idea, there is the Double Tap supplement for NBA which adds even more Cherries and I just realized there are more combat rules in there as well.
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