Thinking of Esoterrorists for Homebrew Adventure - Advice Sought

I have developed the bare bones of an adventure and
had originally thought to run it using Fate or possibly d20 Modern. However, I
was rereading Lorefinder, which I own, and as the adventure idea I came up with
is a mystery I thought that the Gumshoe system might be the thing. Taking a
look at the Gumshoe settings available Esoterrorists seemed to be closest to
what I had come up with but the free sampler didn't really answer the questions
I had in my own head about how suitable it would be nor did any of the reviews
I read really get to the crux of my reticence to splash out on the game. Maybe
someone here might comment?

The adventure is set in modern-day London. The PCs are a group of British law
officers belonging to an organisation that investigate serial killers,
ritualistic murders, terrorism, etc (kind of a British equivalent to the
Criminal Minds team).

The antagonist is an eco-occultist seeking to
reduce the world population through mass murder (or possibly mass infertility)
through occult means (e.g. rituals), causing manipulation of others' behaviour
(possibly and/or demonic possession but I may want to keep it Dark Other Side
free) to achieve her ends.

My question is - would Esoterrorists allow for this
kind of scenario, or is there a premise in the setting that would cause issues?


  • I think it fits perfectly. The Gumshoe system would work with any investigative idea. The whole veil thing in Esoterrorists and Fear Itself is part of the setting. It's not inextricably linked or anything. It sounds like your London team is a more legitimate law enforcement version of Ordo Veritatis. So you can just reskin that portion how you see fit or hand wave it if it's only a single adventure. The only challenge might be the demonic possession, I'm not quite familiar enough with Esoterrorists to know if there are any monsters that have that from which you can steal the rules.
  • Thanks for the response John. Sounds like it's worth a shot. I can always create my own possessing demon if I decided to go down that road (and I may not).
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