Posting an original adventure: 2 questions


I've been putting some finishing touches on an AS adventure write-up I want to eventually run my group through, and I'd like to post it for other AS fans, mostly because I'd like to see other peoples' Ashen Stars adventure ideas in exchange.  So, I have two questions.
  1. What text do I need to include to indicate I'm not trying to make money off it or prevent Pelgrane from making money?
  2. I want to post it as a PDF, but I'd like to keep it open for (my own) revision if I receive feedback or eventually run it and realize it needs further explanation.  If I post a link from my Google Drive, that link will always point to the original document.  Other than making a web site solely for the purpose of distributing this PDF, any services someone would suggest?  (ie, is Dropbox good for this?  And free?)


  • A simple copyright statement and a statement that it's for non-commercial use should be sufficient, I would think. You would need to add Pelgrane's copyright of the Ashen Stars game, of course.

    I don't see why you couldn't put a link to the pdf in Google Drive. Dropbox would work perfectly well, just keep the pdf in the Public folder. You can distribute free products on DriveThruRPG, I don't know if there is a seller account setup cost or not as I've never created a publisher account.
  • I look forward to seeing it!  You could also post it to the Internet Archive.   I don't know the specifics of copyright type stuff, but options at the Archive include "Creative Commons not for commercial use type choices" .Let us know where you end up posting it. 
  • John,

    Thanks for the input: I hadn't considered DriveThruRPG, so I'll look into that.  The Google Drive problem is that when I update it, I think it'll generate a different link, and that will break the link wherever I originally posted the file.  Which, ultimately, may affect one person, if I'm lucky.

    Mel: I intend to!  Thanks.  I really want to see some more fan-made GUMSHOE scenarios (like The Game is Afoot!).  They're a commitment to write: I don't quite trust my improv yet...

    Thanks for the information and encouragement!
  • Done(ish).

    I started a new thread with a link to the file folder, but I'll post here as well.  Thanks again for the input!

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