Ok,it's been long enough! Make with the next book already!

 It's time for another hardback book. One detailing tons more character options perhaps? More Monsters? A sick and twisted version of the setting? All of that plus a whole lot more?

It's time.


  • Concur 
  • I loved the Bestiary and 13 True Ways. I'd love more, although I'm not entirely certain what the more would look like. I already feel like I can make just about any character I want to make. Psionics, possibly? I've never been huge on them, but there are a technically unfilled gap. 

    I remember that D&D 3E did a version of Unearthed Arcana that was all about variations to the rules. I'd love to see an equivalent for 13th Age -- explicit advice for how to tinker with classes and game-rules and such.
  • 13th Age in Glorantha seems to be well on its way with a new setting and new monsters and class variants. And for a twisted version of the setting, have you already tried some of the older stuff that came out years ago in your games?
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