Ninja/Martial Arts NPC stats

Being new to GS, I was wondering if someone could help with NPC stats for a oriantal martial arts/ninja type.
We have started with a pulpy game in Hong Kong.


  • I was looking for how to do the martial arts/kung fu in game?
  • Do I up the scuffling or increase the damage. I understand its not about the realism, but I need some game mechanic to simulate the training.
  • There's a Ken Writes About Stuff available on the subject ;)

    That being said, more Scuffling is probably enough.
    For instance, an NPC with scuffling 10 can auto-hit an Investigator 5 times (assuming the Investigator has less than 8 Athletics) so that's pretty deadly.
    You could add that an NPC martial artist does damage as if he had weapons, so damage is -1 instead of -2. Or maybe even +0 if the roll to hit was a 6?

    Some sort of special attack is possible as well, I guess. Of the top of my head:
    Ninja Blow Gun with Powder.
    The targets Hit Threshold is increased by 1 for this attack.
    On a hit, the target must make a difficulty 6 Health test. If the test is failed, the target sufferes the penalties from being Hurt for a numbe of turns equal to the marigin of failure.
    A ninja can make one such attack in a combat.
  • You could also add some of the Thriller Combat moves from NBA:  Disarm, Extra Attacks, Smashes and Throws, etc.  All of these are expensive in points per use, so adding more Scuffling is necessary.  You could make your own rules on how many points to charge, depending on how dangerous you want the NPC to be.  And give the NPC "armor" vs Scuffling or Weapons (not firearms) to simulate avoiding the blow, deflecting the blow, etc.  
  • Thank you both.
    Great advice as always.
    Will look into the KWAS article.
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