Druid Shapeshifting: What happens to your stuff?

What happens when to you stuff when turn into animal form though scout or beast form? My assumption is that equipment and items disappear when you enter animal form and reappear when you enter human form. If so, do you keep your armor bonus from wearing light/heavy armor while in animal form if you have one (like from warrior druid)? Also can you use one use items in your inventory (mainly potions) while in animal form? 


  • I think it's meant to be fuzzy and up to you.

    The writers pretty clearly say that combat in scout form is up to you. If you have a magical item whose power is related to non-combat checks, I would allow a passive bonus for everyone, and an active-use power for Adepts but not Initiates, just like Beast Form gets.

    In Beast Form, you should keep whatever AC you have. Sell it as natural beast armor taking the place of leather or hide if you want. The text doesn't give out a bonus to AC by default, and they would have called out a penalty due to you not getting to wear your normal armor. It's simply not powerful enough to NEED to be weakened by "Aha, but no armor!"
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