Any chance to see new stuff for MCB?

Looking at the stuff that is published by Pelgrane Press and at the forum here I sometimes wonder if I and my group are the only onnes who really enjoy super-powered invetigative roleplaying. Our campaign is going now since 2011 and their struggle against a super-powered Mafai family, muatant and anti-mutant terrorists and lots of ordinary folks with and without powers that commit crime is still ongoing.

The only thing that I miss is support by Pelgrane Press. I understand that MCB is probably the "weakest link" in the Gumshoe ropleplaying series and that publishing a book for - say - Trail or 13th Age makes more sense business-wise. But I would be fine with a PDF-adventure now and then to lighten the load of this enthusiastic gm (and hopefully others). Even short scenario-ideas (like there have been before) would be welcome.

Adapting "ordinary" crime stories to MCB isn't that hard but to give it an original "mutant power"-twist so that they become special, only solvable by HCIU-officers is not an easy task. Unfortunately, adapting ordinary supers-scenarios is usually no good (fly-by a bank-heist, beat up the baddies and follow them to the mastermind's underground compound is fun but does not cut it in MCB).

Thanks for reading my fan rambling. Hope to see some MCB in the future! Thorsten


  • If we pester Simon enough, anything is possible ;p

    I had a quick look at Pelgrane's biz report from 2013 and 2014, and from my understanding MCB is doing slightly better than Fear Itself. And yet, semi-persistent pestering of Simon still got us "Invasive Procedures", an adventure that was so scary that it might have hurt its own sales!
    Strangly, that did not stop Pelgrane from giving us "The Seventh Circle" a while ago.

    So get a few mutant cops together and pester away :D
  • So let us start the pestering then :P

    There seems to be expansion books rolling along for most Gumshoe lines (Double Tap for NBA, and Accreation Disk for AS), so maybe we could get one of those for MCB?
    Perhaps not the whopping 192 pages that Accreation Disk will have, but slightly more than the Resource Book that came along with the Keeper's Screen for ToC? Anyway, if such a book would be half as good as Doulbe Tap, I'd buy it right away ;)
  • Anything would be good - an anthology of adventures, a mini-campaign, a "mutants abroad"-sourcebook - who are mutants treated all over the world, how did the mutation change the world. I figured, having in my group a Lieutant-pc (got promoted recently) with Healing 15 that assasinations have become rather difficult since if I were a top-notch politician, especially head-of-state, or a capitalist billionaire I would see to it that I had a Healer close by so that in the case an attempt on my life I would never be "dead" for mor than 6 hours.
    Islamic terrorists should have a field day with Self-Detonation jyhadists - and if they also have radiation then they have a virtual undetectable walking and talking a-bomb on their hands!

    It is easy to see that even if there aren't so many mutants around, even with only 1% of the population having some usuable powers with 7 billion people there 70 million left. And if only 0,001 have Self-Explosion and of these only 10% have Radiation, we are talknig about 7000 human a-bombs! Add to these very conservative numbers the Defect "Depression" which is very closely related to Self Detonation and it is easy to see that there is the HUGE problem of maybe 3500 very moody nuclear warheads walking around.

    And this is what I think is so great about the setting: No spandex (except for cospers) but a believable world with powers that may or may not be useful for the individual but with great impact on the world - and of cours ethe stories that can be told! It would be a shame if this game would continue to wither on!

  • Really great stuff there, seems like you've given this some thought :)

    A mini-campaign (or not so mini) would be nice. Or maybe just 4 scenarios around a theme (which kinda is a campaign, I guess...)

    Double Tap takes a long, hard look at each/most investigative abilities in NBA and provides some really cool ideas, basically providing an adventure seed for each ability. The same could probably be done for MCB as well, but a look on each of the powers would make more sense.
    How did this power change the world? What clues can it leave behind? Adventure seeds? Pretty much like you did with Healer and Self-Detonation/Radiation.
  • While I'm just trying out MCB for the first time with a oneshot next month, I'd be interested in seeing more of this line. I'm also under the impression it's the weakest Gumshoe line currently. There is a MCB based issue of KWAS volume 3 coming next month though.
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