Createing an Occult Quade Diagram

So i'm thinking of using the quade diagram in my setting to model the powers of a criminal group of hell-bound occultists. Do you have any suggestions on how to use the diagram for cult crimes that hew more closely to the traditional black magic from occult crime shows like the dresden files?


  • That's a neat idea.  I'd start by brainstorming the occult powers you think should be on the diagram, then maybe go through the current diagram and cross off the ones that don't fit while adding any new ones.   Write them all down, linking similar powers with lines.  You could replace defects (from the current Quade diagram) with costs of some other kind...such as sacrifices required to get the powers or perhaps even the demonic source of the power.  So, for example, charms and other illusory powers might be linked to a Prince of Lies, while insect like powers are linked to Beezelbub, prince of flies.  Each demon has certain sacrifices, sacred days, sacred places, etc., meaning the investigators can start to figure out which occult group is doing what.  
  • So I'm thinking of placing Satan at the center of the chart and having asmodeus & demogorgon on opposite sides of him. Any suggestions on where to place the other 2 guys and if their would be a better fiend to represent fire (maybe Belial(?))
  • I think any arrangement is fine.  I don't know enough about demons to say!  You may be better off making up your own names for the demons or slightly variant names so that you don't have to worry about pre-existing legends from the "real" world.  
  • How many defects are on the quade diagram? i have 20 occult sponsors, and i plan to fill the rest of the grid with sacrifices.
  • Looks like 20!
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