Cold City Adaptation? with Trail of Cthulhu

Has anyone ever contemplated creating a Cold City-style adaptation for Trail of Cthulhu? Set right after WW2 in the ruins of Berlin, as the Allies and Soviets divide up forgotten Nazi tech, the Investigators play an international team sent to deal with strange Nazi science projects left in the aftermath of ruins and tunnels beneath the German capitol. The game is already rife with paranoia, the need for investigative abilities, some pulp action, eldritch horror and gunplay. During my bouts of free time at work I decided to write up a scenario for this style of play and decided to create something akin to the Trust mechanics and Secret Agendas of Cold City. 

For Agendas I figure they work something like the Drive mechanics, only they're built to reflect secret orders from your parent Nation or Organization. A French resistance fighter may be trying to get revenge against escaping Nazi war criminals, for instance. While a former OSI agent is looking to recruit those same Nazi scientists to the U.S. Operation Paperclip...though these are just loose examples. 

The general idea of Trust is that your Investigators have preset levels of trust that they invest in other players (these serve either as bonus/penalties for teamwork with other player's Investigators and reflect your general attitude with them). I decided that this could reflect a bonus pool of points for General Abilities when attempting to Piggybag (ToC rules) on a particular ability test. So characters who trust each other work better together, etc. While it negative trust points penalize teamwork with that player. The flipside is that Trust points can also be used to make it easier to betray another character who trusts you. 

These are some general ideas I've been toying with regarding my personal scenario. If you want more information on Cold City:


  • Looking back I'm just going to use the rules present in Night's Black Agents instead! Totally didn't have the book when I wrote this and Trust mechanics are presented in there. Doah! Great job preempting my needs with your products!
  • Sounds like a fun idea. Trust seemed to change quite a lot in the games of Cold City we played. I wonder if the NBA mechanic can handle that.
  • Actually at the time I posted this, I had not purchased and read Night's Black Agents. The mechanic works pretty much exactly the way I was thinking as its written. In fact, it seems to work perfect. 
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