Alien: Isolation as a GUMSHOE/Fear Itself scenario

Dear all,
having recently completed Alien: Isolation, it struck me it could work as an excellent Fear Itself scenario. More than sci-fi, I always saw Alien as "horror in space", and the setting of Alien and Alien: Isolation I think makes a lot sense if seen through the "lenses" of Fear Itself; everyday people facing a terrible alien creature. I might steal a few bits from Ashen Stars (equipment and a few skills, say) and probably exclude some parts (like the Supernatural abilities) but I think everything else should "fit" just fine. I am not so sure how to handle Sevastopol station; there aren't any maps online, and copying them from the game would prove extremely difficult. Any other ideas/suggestions of what might be useful?


I already did a sci-fi scenario based on The Thing two years ago, and it went exceedingly well, some of the absolute best roleplay I ever experienced; it was tense, and the finale was fun in nihilistic sort of way: one of the players killed himself and all the others since they weren't sure whether the alien was amongst them! So, I know Fear Itself works also for sci-fi stuff.


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