Pleasure Bringers + Dead Rock Seven "mind maps" (HEAVY SPOILERS - GMs only!)


Somebody could find it helpful, so here are my one-A4 preps for PB and DR7 scenarios (handwriting, but it should be readable :D )

The Pleasure Bringers:

- Top left corner - timeline
- Bottom left corner - NPCs overview
- Bottom right corner - scenario's chapters overview
- Bottom center - some relationship scratches (sorry for the language - originally I was writing it just for myself)
- Top right corner - some notes about possible ending space combat I was considering to add into the scenario just to have some proper dogfight in it.

...generally the story goes from top down to the bottom through the main chart, but you know players - reality can be a little bit different.

positive numbers are page references, negative numbers are time-line notes.


Dead Rock Seven:

TOP: characters relationship map. The same as in the book, but enhanced for some notes.
- I've added names for all workers on the station - T = tavak, D = darugh, K = Kch-thk, female sign is obvious.
- number in top left corner is page reference
- icons on the right side are conspiracies (pictures are easier than numbers) - top is equipment theft, middle is faked accident and bottom is knowledge of Krao

MIDDLE-LEFT: NPCs notes, obviously. Notes about RP, their goals and skill resistances / vulnerabilities (all from book)

MIDDLE-RIGHT-UP: some map scratches for DR7 and Habitat module. Just for orientation.

MIDDLE-RIGHT-DOWN: locations overview. Left: location story name. In the circle: page reference. Right: what it is / what can happen there

BOTTOM: orientation timeline.

Advice based on my play-experience: give players asteroid blind-map (just with Habitat module position and A/B/C/D sectors) and list of all workers together with mission assignment, it makes the game much more synoptic. Write relevant locations into the map as the game goes.

I hope that somebody will find this helpful, at least as an inspiration.


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