2 dogfights rules BUGS - could somebody clarify them

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1 - output refresh. In rules there is written that output refreshes after the fight. BUT there are some ship addons which allow to refresh output after the fight... so I suppose that output should refresh in downtime and not after the fight?

2 - sacrificing skirmish points for rocking it. In case of rocking enemies ship, I can sacrifice skirmish points to increase enemies Athletics DC against injury. But there is problem - rules says it is 1 Skirmish for +2 Athletics DC. Example in the box on the same page says, it is 1 Skirmish for +1 Athletics DC. It can be quite a difference, so which one is correct?


  • For the Output question, I would allow the bolt-on to refresh Output in the midst of the space combat.  Skimming the book, I see that the Zoomer bolt-on has the ability "when you win a space combat with an escape-track goal, your Output pool refreshes."  I'd revise that to be whenever the combatants win a combat skirmish with an escape-track goal.  As mentioned in the original post, Output refreshes after the combat...so it makes no sense to need a bolt-on to do that.

    I see the contradiction regarding skirmish points and rocking.  The rule reads 1 skirmish point for 2+2 to the Athletics difficulty.  The example on p. 91 ("Targeting Crew") indicates a 1 for 1 spend.  I would apply the rule (1 skirmish= +2 Athletics difficulty).  Examples are notoriously prone to errors--the rules change from draft to draft but the authors forget to revise the example. 
  • Mel White: So:

    "1" should be: Output refreshes after EVERY combat and the bolt-on allows refresh after winning a single SKIRMISH. Ok... that makes sense, probably, but I admit I missed that one explanation...

    "2" should be 1 skirmish sacrificed for +2 Athletics DC. Ok, I thought it should be like that, I just wasn't sure. Explanation with forgotten example makes sense.

    Cheers for your help.
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