Gaean Reach Gazatteer

In the Gaean Reach Gazetteer there area a few stars and planets listed as being part of the Rigel Concourse which don't orbit Rigel and aren't part of Jack Vance's list of 26 planets. Aloysius which actually orbits Vega is the first. The star Pi Cassiopeia is listed as part of the Concourse as well. Vega is listed as one of the stars which make up the Rigel Concourse which must be incorrect,. Also the planet Quinine which is part of the Concourse and does orbit Rigel is listed as orbiting Alphard the Lonely which is no where near Rigel.. I have tracked down the Pi Cassiopeia and so on to an error in translation!. In a rather complicated sentence with a lot of semi-colons in 'Star King' (p40 of the Coronet edition) Jack Vance refers to planets and their stars as follows:
Alphanor: Rigel Concourse
Cuthbert, Boniface and Aloysius: Vega
Noval: no star listed
Copus and Orpo: Pi Cassiopeia
Quantique: no star listed.
As the sentence starts with the Concourse is may have been thought that all the following were planets of the Concourse rather than separate entries in a list.


  • We can certainly blame that shameless and addle-brained layabout, the clerk Roger Pilgham, for the continued confusion over planetary names and locations.  Sir Julian Hove's eminently sensible and salubrious naming scheme for the planets, which was based on heroic figures of renown and distinction, has been replaced by Pilgham's own eccentric mishmash of legend, myth, and sheer whimsy!  Pilgham's tamperings ignores precedent whereby explorers are entitled to the prerogative of naming their discoveries as a small compensation for the great risks they take to life and limb.  Most damaging of all, Pilgham has set in motion the situation where astro-cartographers and government entities feel themselves entitled to changing names of planets, stars, and other stellar phenomena at their own preferences.  It is really too much.  
  • Even Roger Pilgham would have hesitated to add Aloysius to the Rigel Concourse I suspect. For those who are unable to resist pedantry, consulting the Handbook of the Planets finds that Vega is 25 ly away from Old Earth in Pegasus, Rigel 860 ly away in Orion, Alphard is 180 ly away in Hydra and Pi Cassiopeia is 185 ly away in, unsurprisingly, Cassiopeia.Given the extreme mass and relative youth of these stars we can only give thanks to whoever decided to equip them with habitable planets at all! 
  • After his third goblet of punch, no act of caprice was beyond Roger.  
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