New member, just saying hello.

Hello, my name is Luke Green.  I'm a self-published author and game designer. I just recently discovered gumshoe and find the system interesting.  If I ever get to where publishing is my day job (teaching is currently paying the bills) then I'd likely try my hands at putting the Divine Blood setting to the Gumshoe system. The Divine Blood RPG is currently a variation of Fate I took by combining elements of Strands of Fate and Fate Core and I enjoy it thoroughly, but the intention of the rules was to serve as an easy start off for people playing in the setting. My intention is for it to be system agnostic. So I eventually want to have versions of Divine Blood books for play in HERO, Savage Worlds, Cortex and maybe Gumshoe.

The investigative focus would certainly fit certain campaign types in Divine Blood:

Psyche Freelancers and Butterflies - psychics, sorcerers, non-humans and so on which receive missions from the organization Psyche...usually to handle stuff that turns out to be really routine (a naturally occurring curse, or "tech support" for shaping rituals, for example) and sometimes for something a bit more dangerous (beasts, nameless things and witches - psychics and sorcerers that use their skills in unethical and immoral ways).

Occult Investigations - whether its people who know about the supernatural or people just discovering it, this fits.

Immortal Detente - the dwindling cold war between Gods and Demons while humanity and mortality in general grow ever closer to bridging the gap in technique and power with the immortals. Conflicts between Shadows of Yomi, Nirvana's Eyes of Ra and possibly rogue immortals that are sick of the current mortal friendly current and want to go back to the old ways. Conflicts that as yet have to be non-lethal since the Compact maintaining the truce matches death for death on each side.

However, the current book I'm kickstarting is focused less on the danger aspects and more on the slice-of-life campaign style and focused around school, office or neighborhood hijinks.
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