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Sorry if the question has been raised before.

I've just begun a campaign for players new to roleplaying that, of course, are having a blast with Gumshoe. One of them, being a huge fan of Hellblazer, would love to have her character turned into a sort of Constantine. We know that it goes against The Esoterrorists cosmogony having player character sabbling with magic since it's "evil" and more apprpiate for esoterrorists, but, shouldn't every GM always provide to the desires of her players to ensure maximum fun? So I'd like to know if someone has ever developed and posted house rules with an optional magic systemfor heroic Ordo Veritatis agents, even if it takes their souls.

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  • The ToC supplement Rough Magics and the Ken Writes about Stuff installment "Goetia" would both apply: between the two, I'd recommend "Goetia," since it's less Lovecraft-flavored and might fit the Hellblazer cosmology more closely, though, really, they're somewhat interchangeable.
  • Thanks a lot, geelpete! I'll check them both.
  • I'm pretty sure that threre's an adventure in the works at Pelgrane were you have fight fire with fire, so to speak...
    That being said, the Ordo Veritas rule against magic isn't to save the souls of their agents, it's to save the souls of everone, since magic weakens the membrane.
  • What about if its 'in harmony' type magic.
    Off the cuff, I am thinking Druidism or some such.
    Buddhism with a secret school of magic.
    You get the idea.
  • Well... technically speaking... from my understanding of the Esoterrorists setting... it would still harm the Membrane, since it makes people believe in magic. And if they believe in magic, then they could believe in black magic, and if they believe in black magic, then...

    But, like you mentioned in your first post; If you and your players want magic, add magic.
    It's your game after all ;)
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