Convention GMs needed! & the Envoy Program

"Convention GMs needed! It’s our now-annual shout-out for Gen Con GMs! Last year, we ran more games than ever before, but this year we’re determined to beat that record. The submission date for games is March 13th, 2015, so if you’re interested in running games at GenCon, email me for more information and to stay updated on our plans.
It’s not just GenCon, though – we’re always looking for GMs for other conventions. At the moment, conventions we’re attending and recruiting GMs for include UK Games Expo (Birmingham, UK – May 29th to May 31st) and Origins Game Fair (Columbus, OH – June 3rd to 7th), but we also need GMs for PAX East (Boston, MA – March 6th to 8th) and PAX Prime (Seattle, WA – August 28th to August 31st).
We’re also keen to support conventions that we can’t make it to, but you can! If you’d like to run Pelgrane games at your local games convention, email me and let me know – we can help out with demo game and full game scenarios for all our lines, and we might even be able to offer incentives and prizes for your Pelgrane Press games.
We recently signed up with the Envoy program to do more organised play, so you can also sign up there to become a Herald, and run Pelgrane Press games in your FLGS or local convention."

Hello, this is Joshua over from the Envoy program. Just wanted to say how excited we are to be working with Pelgrane.

We hope to introduce communities all over the country to hidden gems of games, reward participation in the program and create a nationwide network of gamers. We are creating a unifying structure that will connect game companies, customers, games masters, conventions and gaming groups.

If you have any questions please email me at


  • Ran 13th Age game at DundraCon last month.  Kenneth Hite even did a Pelgrane Press seminar (didn't get to see it).  I emailed Simon a couple of times about it before the game (the only 13th Age game at DC) but he didn't respond.  I was a bit surprised and disappointed.
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