A The Esoterrorists Scenario - Geist in the Shell

Hi All,

I've had this scenario sitting around my portable Hard Drive for a while, so I thought I'd give it a bit of a layout and pop it up for comment (It can found over on my website - http://www.unboundbook.org/?page_id=251).

The premise is a kickstarter scenario for a larger The Esoterrorists campaign, and as such hints at a number of things but details little. I ran it myself back in 2009 as the first scenario in a longish campaign, and it allowed me to use some of the published scenarios later in the storyline, which is always good IMO.

I'm interested in feedback of any sort (especially typos etc.), and I thought I'd also mention that I have an idea for a grand 'Masks of Nyarlathotep' type campaign for The Esoterrorists. But with a second edition somewhere in the works, I'll wait till then before I flesh it out.


Marcus Bone


  • I've grabbed it and will give it a read through soon. Like the look of the document.

    - Neil.
  • Thanks Neil!

    Any comments are appreciated. I find myself on a bit of a Gumshoe kick at the moment, and feedback really helps me focus on what I can improve.

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