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We've moved the Pelgrane server to the cloud, and updated the forum to Vanilla 2. If you experience any problems, please email Detective Clayton.


  • There are some issues we know about - you might call these the "Known Knowns".
    • Spaces in usernames.  These are no longer allowed by Vanilla 2.  However, it's a quick fix (on my part) to get your username updated to the shiny, new, underscored version.  Please just ping me an email and I'll get it fixed as soon as I can.
    • Certain theme elements aren't perfect.  Hey, they changed the whole theme engine!  That'll take a while to get everything back how it was.  At least I've got rid of the eye-burning yellow over everything!
    There are some issues we're not sure about - the "Known Unknowns".  Plugin functionality, for instance.  I'm not 100% sure what everyone was using back on the old forums to make things work how they wanted them to work.  So please ping me an email if something you used to use no longer functions properly.

    Finally, there are the Unknown Unknowns.  Stuff that is unique to Vanilla 2 and we've not encountered yet, stuff that is unique to the new server configuration.  In short, stuff.  Anything not working, anything behaving strangely (given that this is the Pelgrane forums perhaps that should be "anything behaving stranger than normal operating parameters), just let me know.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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