Help if possible on Crooks End

Spoiler Alert, best do that, but I don't anybody is looking at this adventure...

Just into our third session of Gumshoe with Fear Itself and I did the lead in for Crooks End from Unremitting Horror.
I have a couple of question's;
1; How do I use the Residue Demon (RD), initially I got the impression is was right up around the house, but then the description of the surrounding out buildings led me to believe its further away, so the players could clue find outside. But if the effect emanates from the house mostly, then is should be able to get up close.
So where is it mostly?
Why is it not there when the PC's first arrive like the pool cleaner? I know it could be answered - that its a horror game and you want the pc's trapped in the building, thats fine, but I am sure I am missing some thing in the text that says it sleeps during the day or its out to lunch somewhere else (extracting deathly horror on the rabbit population). Allowing the PC"s to move around the yard.

The RD, wants to Embody the events that lead to its creation, doing the same to others. In this case torture and shooting. I admit to being confused with the description - Only purpose is to Embody the terrible acts that led to its creation. Anybody shed some light how that might work?

The Resolution, says having Duffy killed by the RD, so the RD disappears? Or the players can make there escape while it devours him?



  • Guess Not. Gaming tonight so will improvise.
    Where has Simon gone, he used to answer all my inane questions?
    Its not like the forum is swamped.
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