Dreamhounds Character Sheets

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I had a question for anyone from Pelgrane on the character sheets for the various Dreamhounds characters. In the Dreamhounds book there's mention on page 59 they'd be available for download. I'm not sure where to find these or whether they're available yet? Thanks!



  • I created some character sheets with photos and the stats from the books. Here is a link to them on my dropbox account: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6813395/Dreamhounds%20of%20Paris%20Character%20Sheets.zip
  • Cat posted the sheets in the Trail of Cthulhu resources page so I'm going to remove the file from my dropbox which will cause this link to break. I hope you everyone finds these useful.
  • Thank you John for that news, and thank you Cat! I just saw Tony's article about creating Dreamhounds sheets, which reminded me of my question and led me back here to the forums. I am having trouble finding the link for the sheets you mentioned that Cat put together on that Resources page, though; all I am seeing is your versions (very helpful, by the way) and Tony's new color ones.
  • I didn't actually create my sheets from scratch. I should have worded that differently. I made the sheet in the back of the Dreamhounds book fillable, filled the surrealists' stats, and then added the photos. If I have some time this summer, I will do the same to the new sheets created by Tony as long as he doesn't have a problem with it. I'll send the blank fillable sheet to Cat to post as well.
  • Only just come across this thread, nearly a year since it was last posted to.

    I have no problems with you creating a fillable ( and thus prefilled ) version of my Dramhounds sheet John.
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