Errata for Gaean Reach

The rule book mentions Opponent Stats, having an Attack Pattern and Armour.
Except for the creatures, the intelligent opponents have neither listed, yet the example is for a security guard (who's stats are also not listed?).
Am I missing something?


  • Anyone playing this.... echo echo echo...
    Is it a sign of madness to write back to oneself?

  • I'm looking forward to playing Gaean Reach--or at least, playing in the Gaean Reach setting. I've set previous Skulduggery games in the Gaean Reach because it's that fun! I've been assuming GR is mostly just Gumshoe (with a sprinkle of Skulduggery/DERPG) but I imagine the devil is in the details so it will be the little differences that I miss. Most likely the information for attack pattern and armor was left blank for intelligent opponents because those numbers will vary based on the assassin, criminal, pirate, etc., and the circumstances of the encounter. The stats are described as "baseline" to be modified as needed. See the intro on p. 64 which states that combatants who are "angry or fearful will spend what they need to guarantee a hit." Skill point spends in other circumstances will be different.
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