Unique Clues from kickstarter

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So a few of the pledge levels of the Dracula Dossier Kickstarter contained unique clues that were sent out as postcards.
Since they don't make all that much sense on their own, attempts to gather as many as possible have been made in the comments of Update 16.

So far, 11 out of (possibly) 41 have made an appearance, and they've been nicelly gathered in this practical map.

It's been suggested that this forum might be a better place for such discussion. And thus, this thread.


  • Hey, folks. Thanks to OlderNick here, we've got another safe house here, too, for commenting on the post card clues that having been rolling in a couple a day. I had started making a map, but, the one presented is super cool and useful. Thanks for that map!
  • I received a mysterious message today:

    "Dear Laurel,

    Graves House,

    Told me to ask for Drawes


  • Matford, Exeter is quite far away from the others.
    It is one of the places Dracula bought properties in the novel. Haven't found any Graves House...
  • Hi, folks. Things have slowed down on the clues. I wonder if people haven't been submitting their information or, and this would be cool, too, if batches of clues are being sent out to spread out the story.
    O'Nick - you want to post something back on the Kickstarter page or, me? I bet the Pelgrane folks might post an update with this forum included as well as a link to the awesome map.
  • I made a comment on the kickstarter page, so lets see if we can get this going again.

    I've also added the Exeter clue that thelibrarian got.
  • Heh... maybe we shouldn't be to hopeful though... I just struck me that a only 41 out of 1420 (or 2.8%) backers pledged for a uniqe clue, so I guess the odds doesn't favour us getting to many of them together...
  • Good effort, Nick. The post is well written. Scary Solstice to you.
  • Hi, I'm raising this thread from the dead to tell you I've been gathering all the unique clues made public into an Excel spreasheet that I've been sharing on the Facebook Dracula Dossier group.
    If you received such a postcard and never posted the message on its back, now could be an opportunity to do so and complete our document.
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