The Dracula Dossier. Love it!

So I was on EN World and I kept reading an announcement about something called 'The Dracula Dossier'. So I finally break down and read about you guys over on Kickstarter, and I click the video that almost deafens me with the music, and now I'm hooked. When it comes out(because obviously you guys are gonna reach your goals and knock it out of the park), I'm gonna check it out. And I'm gonna make the hell out of Batman for it.

And I need to clarify something, I don't mean the guy who's running around on the Justice League, who has a plan for every single thing in the universe. I mean more like, Year One, mixed with the very first version. You know, the pulp hero who was just a detective in a weird costume who could fight really well, who often went up against vampires, who's first enemy was a guy named The Mad Monk, who was, surprise surprise, a vampire.

I'm really excited, and I haven't even seen the rules for character creation or anything yet. I'm excited, and I've never even checked out any of your other games, ever. But if Dracula Dossier rocks as much face as I think it's going to, that's obviously gonna change.

Anyway, now that I'm done gushing like a dumb fanboy about the greatest game idea I've ever read, I did have some questions:

Do you have ideas for other campaigns after 'The Dracula Dossier'? Or do you feel that tracking and killing Dracula is something that can be stretched out for months/years/etc? Or, is it up to the players to up and invent new stories after they stake ol' Vladdy? Inquiring minds want to know, thank you for your time. :D


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    In the Blurry Photos podcast, Ken mentions a 1950s hunt and kill operation he has in mind, as well as something involving hopping vampires as more than a stretch goal....
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