Tweak : DramaSystem + Odyssey : scene cards !

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I played several games of Odyssey (very neat game about how the trip can change the nature of your character).

There is a mechanic about making list of scenes to play, made by each player, that become available randomly at each turn.

It is a lot of fun to choose between a restrective set of premade scene (changing at each turn) to launch your scene. In fact, players launch scene a lot more easely this way.

I think you can directly use this in your game (not tested this yet).

1. Choose the theme of the episode.
2. Give 6 blank index cards to each player (GM included).
3. Have every one write a very short scene idea on every card : it should just be a very short sentence that is generic enough so that anyone could use it in his own way and intergate it easely in the story (examples coming from Odyssey character sheet : "Velociraptor attacks", "love blooms").

Now, before every scene.
4. Shuffle the cards
5. Draw as many cards as there are players (if you are 4 players GM included, draw 4 cards)
6. The player may or may not use a card to launch a scene. If he uses a card, then discard it.
7. Put the remaining cards back in the deck.

At any moment in the game :
8. A player write a new card and put it in the deck.


  • I've tested it, and it worked very well. All players were fresh to hillfolks, and for the first time, no one was struggling to bring a new scene.

    I used pieces of paper gathered in a hat, and people where simply drawing three or four bits, before deciding their scene. They did it only when they feeled like they needed it, which happened to be the case once in every three scenes.
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