Balla... errata? And a few other suggestions

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Hi there, my first look at Ashen stars since playtest brought one question.
Didn't the Balla get something out of Emotion Suppression skill in addition to not freaking out?
I kinda hazily remember that they used the points from a successful roll to refresh their other skills...
I'd like to know if that was removed or it is just a typo, or bad memory ;P

Also, Drives!
If you'd like to have Drives have a mechanically relevant effect you may want to grant a Boost to a character acting according to his Drive.
Conversely acting against one's drive causes a -1 to the roll or requires a 1 point expenditure just to get the basic clue.


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    There's some stuff about a very special [racial] ability for Balla within their description... Maybe you're looking for that?

    I believe some optional rules Drives are within the Drives chapter... Its first few paragraphs explain them better.

  • I like the idea of linking Drives to some mechanical effect. I will have to take a look at that!
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