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I'm looking at 13th Age again as 5ed just doesn't give me that 'funbuzz' 13th Age delivers

Problem is, I really don't like the Icon rules, wherein you have to come up with a hook or something for each player and their icon relationships.

Also, have the pdf and hardcopy had a 2nd print with the errata updated in them?

Aside from the Bestiary (only 52 critters?) has or is anything else due out?

Hope I don't come across as too brusque; I'm just looking to get back into 13th Age again and have some questions I need answering.

Thanks all


  • Also, what on earth is wrong with the forums? They've gone mental!
  • Regarding Icons, the game is modular enough that dropping them is easily done. I find them useful for various reasons. A few: They tie the players to the setting and give them a modicum of direction; they provide fun color and cross-purposes, setting up a bit of potential intrigue when two Icons want the same MacGuffin. Still, I don't see any reason why you couldn't drop them completely.

    As to updated printings, I just redownloaded my PDF from their store and it says "First Printing", with a "Last Modified" date of 8/8/2013, so I don't think it has been updated with the errata.

    For other books, have you looked at the 13th Age page? The following books have gone to press since the Bestiary: 13 True Ways (extra classes, extra setting info), Book of Loot (a bunch of magic items), and Shadows of Eldolan (1st Level adventure and setting book). Announced, but not yet here include: Eyes of the Stone Thief (campaign from 4th to 7th level) and Shards of the Broken Sky (another adventure). If you were fortunate enough to be near an FLGS for Free RPG Day, you might have snagged Make Your Own Luck (a 2nd Level adventure with pre-gens). Also, there is a bunch of adventures you can get as part of the Organized Play program, Tales of the 13th Age.

    As to the forums? They do seem to go off their rocker from time to time. I haven't seen a permanent fix yet.
  • Very interesting

    Thank you for the reply
  • Almost 3 years later I am hoping the 13th Age rulebook/pdf has had a reprint with updated errata. Any joy, failing that, has an errata list been compiled?
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    The Rules FAQ has been occasionally updated and now includes some errata-type stuff: http://site.pelgranepress.com/index.php/13th-age-faq/#rules

    Plus there's the 13th Age Errata thread on this board: http://forums.pelgranepress.com/index.php?p=/discussion/1387/official-i-found-a-mistake-errata-thread-for-13th-age/p1

    And in the 13th Age Errata thread, there is a link to an unofficial compilation of errata made by Metathiax. I believe he notes which things have been officially confirmed as errata, and which are just speculation.

    If you're looking for an errata file officially released by Pelgrane, you're probably going to be disappointed. Their 13th Age focus for the moment is to get out the Bestiary 2 (now on preorder), the Demonologist book, and Shards of the Broken Sky (plus maybe 13th Age in Glorantha? Or maybe the work on that is done, I'm not sure since I didn't back it). In other words, new product, not cleaning up old stuff. Once the 13th Age pipeline has been cleared, maybe they'll release official errata, but I kind of doubt it. It doesn't seem like a priority for them.
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