Laundry-Style RPG w/ Gumeshoe

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I've been reading the Laundry books, but I'm not super excited by the BRP system (that's what the Laundry RPG uses). If I wanted to use Gumshoe, what books would I need to get? I was thinking:

- Nights Black Agents - spy stuff
- Rough Magics - magic stuff
- Trail of Cthulhu - more Cthulhu and magic stuff
- that hack that someone wrote that allows you to do cool karate (just cause I like cool karate).

What would you more knowledgeable people recommend?


  • Me and a time machine would be handy - I've been promising a GUMSHOE version of Laundry for a very, very long time.

    I'd start with Night's Black Agents, and use the Bureaucracy rules from Martini Straight Up together with the Dunwich Sanction rules (all on page 195). Vampirology becomes Thaumaturgy, and you'd add Sorcery and Computational Demonology as General Abilities. Rough Magics would be nice to have, but not a requirement - Laundry computational demonology works differently to conventional sorcery.

    On the Laundry side, you'll get the most benefit out of the corebook, Black Bag Jobs, Mythos Dossiers, Unconventional Diplomacy and GOD GAME BACK. The Agent's Handbook and License to Summon are a bit more rules-orientated.
  • Thank you! I'll definitely get all those, particularly God Game Black.
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