I have questions about Eternal Lies's content (spoilers!)

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Salutations and warmest greetings, forumgoers. I have a few questions about Eternal Lies . Obviously, it's too late now to avoid spoilers - your corrupted eyes already drift across this webpage. IF you do plan to ever play, avert your gaze and navigate away!

1. Are there any published Cthulhu adventures set in the Antarctic? I think that since the players visit EVERY other continent, it'd be nice to throw them to the South Pole as well.

2. Got any ideas for map handouts? I saw that there's a digital version but it's not very "feely." If I had a tabletop version, that'd be nice. Maybe anyone see any hi-res 1930s maps?

3. How do you 'feed' a minor mouth?

4. It's mentioned that characters can be 'consumed' by not feeding their minor mouths. Is this explained anywhere?

5. Where's the Major Mouth in LA? It's implied that it's just in the basement and there's a massive pile of fornication. I don't get it. Do they just copulate near it, and then harvest the nectar oozing from the mouth? Is it sideways? What did you guys think?

6. What order did your players - or would you want to - play through Act 2 in ?


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    1. CoC, Beyond the Mountains of Madness
    3. From my reading, each minor mouth feeds on different psychic energy. There's the orgy one, the violence one, the self-mutilation one, etc. Those acts of depravity feed the minor/major mouths.
    4. In one location, the minor mouths actually start eating either your loved ones or parts of yourself. So they can eat flesh too, but in order to cause pain and suffering.
    5. I had it behind a tapestry. The orgy happened on the other side of the tapestry. It sometimes would extend a tongue out and lick some people or drag them to it. Cultist would harvest the nectar from it by just scooping up the nectar that it drools onto the floor.
    6. Players went to Africa first, then Mexico City, next would be Yucatan. I assume Thailand after that. They were a bit scared of the Fight Club aspect of Thailand, so decided music and Mexico City was safer.
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