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I've been really frustrated by the lack of basic functionality in these forums. With so many freely available forum apps, why use something so primitive? My main concern is the lack of a thread following/notification feature. Maybe it's here somewhere, but I've never been able to find it. If I post something and want to follow the responses, my only option now is to keep coming back every so often and see if someone answered the post.

I think you should seriously consider dumping this particular forum app and replace it with something more robust. I've used YABB before and it's very easy to set up, modify, and has a robust set of features. I know there are many others that come standard with most hosts. But as it is right now, this forum is just really poor.


  • You can get notifications from any thread by bookmarking the discussion using the options on the left.
    What other features would you like to see which you miss?
  • I tried the bookmark feature, thinking that might be it, but it never worked for me. I actually have 2 bookmarked discussions and never received any notification on new posts. As far as other features, it's not so much that as it just feels all wrong. The interface is really poor. It's hard to pinpoint it exactly, but it's like going from working with Microsoft Word to Notepad if you can appreciate the analogy. It just feels wrong and is frustrating to use. Just the way the threads are presented, organized, aligned, etc. A good example of a forum would be what you see on the Wizards site. Very easy to use, intuitive, and all the features you'd expect. Here are a couple of other really easy, intuitive forums:
  • I'll look into email notification, and your general feeling of malaise about the forum software is noted, but we aren't likely to change it. Vanilla is clean, open source, not ASP powered and most important relatively hard to hack and straightforward. More importantly, I cannot justify the time and expense of switching to a different forum.

    If you have specific features you want, we'll look at them - what basic functionality do you think it lacks? There are tons of plug ins and we can install them if there is demand.
  • Well, something like YABB is free and open source as well and is more like a traditional forum in terms of presentation and style, intuitive, and easy to use. It takes all of about 5 minutes to install it and set it up. Customizing it for your own personal look would take maybe 20-30 minutes. As far as transferring accounts and retaining conversations, I don't know if that's possible, but these forums are pretty light on traffic so doing it now rather than later would be good.

    This is all just my own opinion and take it for what it's worth, but I do believe there will be others with similar feelings. Anyway, have a great day.
  • I have to say, I don't find this forum format particularly "inviting" to use, which is a shame. I wonder if that's related in any way to the lack of traffic here?
  • I'm afraid I'm not especially fond of this forum format either, it does seem a lot less accessible than most of the others I visit.
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    I like the actual forum as it is. This "less is better than more" feel is appeasing.
  • I will attempt to fix specific gripes (for example, you could ask for an HTML editor, image and attachment insertion, data on the category page to include number of recent posts, open threads, etc), but I'm not going to be changing the forum in the foreseeable future except to upgrade it to version 2.

    Have a look at the ProFantasy forum which uses the same software but has more features (and higher traffic) and story games one which runs version 2.

    It could just be you don't like the colour scheme. That can be changed.
  • How about a Mark All Read feature?
  • Yeah, I mean even gamefaqs has a better forum format. I love the game to death but the forums are a bit bare bones right now. My vote is for a new message board format .
  • Posted By: EvenglareYeah, I mean even gamefaqs has a better forum format. I love the game to death but the forums are a bit bare bones right now. My vote is for a new message board format .
    The forum software will not be changing in the foreseeable future. If you have specific feature requests I'll look into it.
  • Posted By: tomjscottHow about a Mark All Read feature?
    I'll just throw in another vote for this!
  • Mark All Read is up for testing.
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