Quick diced based resolution

We didn't have the time to do the card-based resolution yesterday so I came up with a quick dice mechanism.

Everyone states in turn their desired outcome for the conflict and choose a coloured token. The GM sets a difficulty either by rolling a d20 or choosing 5, 10 or 15 as the number to beat. Players roll their die and add 0, 5 or 10 for a red, orange or green token. Players all roll the same size dice which depends on how random you'd like the outcome to be. d20 for swingy results, easier on the players, d10 for middling swing , d6 for high token influence and difficult to win.

You could also add some points for skill to the extent that you want this to matter. So 1, 2, 3 for low skill influence, 0, 5, 10 for high skull influence.

Resolve starting with the highest number. If you best the GMs score, you get what you want, unless another player who wants the opposite scores higher.

Anyone matching the roll gets a consequence.

So in last night's game of the Chase for the K2 National horse race, I tolled 16 for the difficulty and players rolled d20s. We didn't bother with skills.


  • The Corporate Sponsor got 28 for Moseley to win the race, so he did.
    The Animal Rights Activist got 18 for Youslag not to compete, pulled out at the gate by the stewards who deemed her not fit to run.
    The Posh Stable Girl and the Vet got 17 for Youslag not to compete, which had already happened
    The Trainer got 17 for Moseley to finish the race, but lost out to the Animal Rights Activist.
    The Jockey got 15, a fail, to win on Moseley which had already happened, but through no skill of hers.
    The Owner also failed on 15 to get Youslag to finish the race, and so lost money.
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