Character stats question

Please tell me if I am right. Character stats (action types eg. fighting, knowing) are used ONLY for player vs player situations?

If so ---> are there any additional rules to make "action types" more usefule in the Hillfolk game?

Sorry for my bad english & thanks for the replies :-)


  • Action Types are used during Procedural Scenes, which are scenes in which things get done. They are not limited to player vs. player. For example, playing in the default setting, your clan is planning a raid against a neighbor. All players are planning to participate in the raid. They are not working against each other, but *with* each other to steal some livestock from an outside group. They are most likely going to be using their Sneaking action, falling back on Talking, Fighting, or Moving if they get into serious trouble. Then again, there is nothing wrong with different players using different approaches and actions at the same time either.

    Does that help?
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