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Need game answers or advice? Want to share fantastic time travel advice? Excited about hot sophosaur-on-sophosaur action? Tell us about it here!

Except for that last one. Yeah, best to give that a miss.


  • I must say I have not been so excited about a game in quite a while. TimeWatch is the first Time Travel game I have discovered that really hits the spot for me. Our group has taken TimeWatch to their heart and after only one playtest session we have switched to playing TimeWatch. Having played a lot of NBA previously we are all familiar with Gumshoe so the transition is hassle free.

    Apart from being oh so easy to create adventures, what I really like about it is that the episodic nature of TimeWatch allows other players to come up with their own ideas and run their own adventures, giving me a break from GMing and a chance to play :)

    Drooling over the anticipation of getting my hands on the full game, and all the addons, but the Jurassic edition we keep us busy in the meanwhile...
  • One omission (maybe) that I noticed in the timeline book; no mention of the Permian Extinction Event. This would be another great time to try and exterminate all life on Earth. Otherwise, I'm quite impressed; it's hard to write a playable time-travel RPG, and I'm hoping to spring this on my players soon.
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