Ideas to speed up token usage when playing short sessions

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My constraints are as follow : only 2 and half hours of gaming session, with around 5 players in game.
My problem is : this is rare that more than 1 people is able to use its drama tokens.
Possible solution 1 (lasting tokens) : drama tokens are removed only after 2 gaming sessions. (This has been discussed in other posts.)
Possible solution 2 (free tokens after round 1) : at the end of the first round, everyone gain a drama token.
Possible solution 3 (everyone begins with 1 drama token) : when you start the game session, everyone has already 1 drama token.

I haven't tested any of those solutions yet (since our hillfolk campaing will not come back until march or april), so I am not sure how it plays.

Have you already tried any of those solutions ? What pros and cons did you observed ?


  • My group setup sounds similar to you - 5 players (plus myself) and 2.5 hours per session. In my previous Hillfolk campaign and my current DramaSystem game (Space: 2019) we don't have any problems with players using their drama tokens. Players are always crashing scenes, ducking out scenes and forcing (with rare counters to forces).

    Your solutions may skew some of the game system:
    1 if you carry over drama tokens, it will effect the bennie economy. Bennies carry over already.
    2 free drama tokens. If we did that in my game we'd get more counters to forces. Forces are what drive some of our major dramatic scenes.
    3. The lack of drama tokens in the game forces players to concede demands, driving the game and the drama token economy.

    I'm wondering more about what's going on in your game that is not driving the drama token economy. Does anyone else have this kind of problem?
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