Cyborgs Vs Bots

edited February 2014 in Ashen Stars

Excuse my ignorance, but why aren't there any robots/androids/ginoids, etc. or sentient AI's in the Ashen Stars Universe? Where they ever?



  • Sure there are, there, look, in your imagination.. easy.. Best thing about your imagination is that you make the rules up. :)
  • Because they are not the droids you are looking for ;-)

    Actually, maybe the status of robots is one more thing we can chalk up to the bogey conundrum.
  • "Witness of my Worth" contains one example of a sentient AI, though it's presented as the exception; "Dead Rock Seven" contains another example, though I don't know that it could be classified as sentient. My guess is the AIs are equivalent to Majel Barrett Roddenberry understanding and responding intelligently to voice commands (though never understanding irony or rhetorical questions, yet somehow driving incredibly convincing holodeck creations).
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