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OK - let's say you're running The Boxmen and things have been going well for the player characters, such that one of them is able to say:

"I drop Philby's lead weighted briefcase into the deepest part of Lake Zurich, with a detonation charge set to trigger when the water pressure hits 10 atmospheres. That gets rid of the Albedo, so the vampires can go whistle for their plan to dominate Saudi oil production."

As a GM, what do you do?



  • I answered you over on, but my overwhelming temptation if they took that approach would be to have the vampires disbelieve them, and for as long as the player character survives, he's actively hunted by vampires who believe he's got the key to world domination. After all, no-one would be foolish enough to destroy such a treasure. The only way out would be for the player character to fake a substitute Albedo...
  • Thanks mytholder, for others watching here's the thread in question:

  • Just wondering if this happened to anyone else. 
    My group is exceptionally pragmatic and are likely to pursue the destroy/ditch ingredient tactic.
  • I'd check to see if water pressure in Lake Zurich hits 10 Atmospheres, and if it does then I'd definitely let them do it.  And then, yes, have them hounded and targeted both by disbelieving enemies and vengeful enemies.
  • A rather anti-climactic ending to a campaign though...
  • The Vampire may be pissed off, but do will the ”third party", who the PCs likely have't met yet.
  • Is it the capstone game? First inclination I would want to do is have the vampires start going all out to try and exterminate the PCs. Vampires live forever, more or less, and there's bound to be more and powerful artifacts for them to uncover. Who do a few burned spies think they are ruining their plans like that? 
  • So this is coming a little late to the thread to help anyone I'd imagine, but as I was setting up my vampires and how the interact with ZQ I realized I sidestepped the problem:  Basically the "Albedo" and "Negrado" that the agents find aren't actual items, but written descriptions of what they are and how to get them.  So as long as the agents read them, the vampires will always be able to get them as long as the agents are alive (or reborn!)

    For my game, the albedo was the secretion from a parasite that causes my vampires (for regeneration and superstrength), and the negrado was the weird time science that Dorjiev used to make the Zalzhony (for immortality).

    Also, this almost doesn't even make a difference since the core structure of the game is:  The agents find out about Vampires - The vampires find out about the agents and try to kill them - The agents kill them first.  The entire ZQ plot really just happens in act 2 and the result doesn't effect act 3.  The vampires still want to kill the agents and the only way for the agents to win is to kill them first.
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