Gaean Reach use of tokens

The rules on using tokens in the Gaean Reach are not consistent. There's the table on p. 24, which seems clear enough. But then the individual rules sections sometimes contradict it.

How much does it cost to make a Desperate Bid, using a skill you don't have, 3 tokens (p. 24) or 1 token (p. 32)?

How much does it cost to make a Fortunate Avoidance, 3 tokens (p. 24) or 2 tokens (p. 39)?

How much do ability increases cost, the amounts on p. 24, or the usually smaller amounts on p. 45?

How much does it cost to overcome an Obstacle, 3 tokens (p. 24) or a variable number (p. 34)? Actually, for this one the rules text clearly takes precedence: a fixed 3 tokens is way too little for short-circuiting the entire session or campaign.


  • Hiyas:


  • Double bump!
  • My print version arrived today, and it looks like this error has been corrected there - the values in the table and the text now agree, with the original text values being the correct ones.

    I have just re-downloaded the PDF from my order page, and it has been updated with the correct values (and has 8 more pages than the initial pre-order version).
  • I'm hoping that the pdf only version will be available soon.
  • Usually the PDF-only option is made available about a month after the release of the final product.
  • On rpgnet, someone stated that it was in stores about a month ago. Was that correct?
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