My first read through "The Gaean Reach"

So, I bought "The Gaean Reach" is morning, and have read it through. A few minor issues struck my eye:

• According to p. 39 "Recovery rates double when your medical care is nonexistent", a remarkable phenomenon. I suspect that we ought to read "times" for "rates".

• According to p. 50 "[l]eadership of the Early IPCC can be described as “rather loose”, consisting of a director and a board of directors." I believe that "presiding officer (informally "Chief") and a board of directors" would be more accurate.

* On p. 51 the Dexad of the Institute is described as including members in grades 111 (the Triune), 109, 108, 107, 106, 105, 104, 103, 102, 101, and 99. But with three fellows in 99 that's thirteen, not ten. I seem to recall that in "The Book of Dreams" the fellows of degree 99 hoped for advancement to, were not part of, the Dexad.

• The word "b0g-algae" occurs on p. 56, which I think ought to be "bog-algae".

Such trivialities dispensed with, there is one more substantive issue. In the "Demon Princes" books Kirth Gersen proceeded very systematically by seizing something that each of Demon Prince wanted, and using it to force his quarry to reveal himself. One time it was the monitor in Lugo Teehalt's ship, another it was first a certain mobile fort and then the person of Alusz Iphigenia Eperje-Tokay, another time it was shares in Kotzash, another it was a clone of Jheral Tinzy, in the end it was the Book of Dreams. I had expected to find more explicit support in the game mechanics for this sort of indirect manipulation — and for maintaining one's anonymity, another important issue for Gersen. How would you handle those things in a game of "The Gaean Reach"?
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