The TimeWatch RPG Kickstarter is Live!

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You've got a time machine, high-powered weapons and a whole lot of history to save. Welcome to TimeWatch!

Powered by GUMSHOE, TimeWatch takes Robin D. Laws' superb GUMSHOE rules and tunes them for improvisational GMing and fast-paced play

The TimeWatch RPG Kickstarter is live, has more than 600 backers and has raised more than $28K. If we hit $35K, the book becomes casebound.

Why not take a look? You get to see the playtest draft of the rules at any pledge leve.


  • If you back $1 - you can see the manuscript.

    Stretch goals fulfilled:

    An additional TW postcard for $50 pledge levels and up
    - A TimeWatch musical theme by James Semple
    - Hardback book
    - Low-art tablet edition (with 3Pub & mobi)
    - Self-calculating PDF character sheets by Matthew Breen
    - Expanded race section
    - Historical NPCs
    - Crossover rules with TimeWatch and other GUMSHOE books
    - Campaign style expansion: Pulp action
    - Campaign style expansion: A Single Leap (1-2 players)
    - Campaign style expansion: Rebellion
    - Campaign style expansion: Time Tourist, by Rose Bailey
    - Campaign style expansion: Conspiracy
    - Mission hook by Kenneth Hite
    - Mission hook by Heather Albano
    - Mission hook (Pulp) by Corey Reid
    - Mission hook (Time Tourist) by John Adamus
    - Mission hook (Conspiracy) by Kennon Bauman
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    the game looks really great! I was a little afraid of the amount of postage for France ... but eventually I realized that it is not so much in Euro for such a book ! so I think I will not miss the opportunity ! Time Travel is such a tremendous theme of RPG
  • It's going well, but we could really use your help.
    For a $1 pledge you can download the playtest rules and see if you like the game.

    We have fulfilled 25 stretch goals, 16 more have been added, and we are edging towards a mythos / timewatch mash-up.

    More here.
  • I have just pledged £10, this looks like such a great game.

    Do I get sent a link or a zip with the download?

    I pledged via the main page on here and not through the kickstarter site.

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