DS with varying cast

So, I have this common situation of a gaming group consisting of pretty busy people, with some other busy people lurking in the wings. Our current Ashen Stars campaign is struggling a bit. Mystery details are hard to recall or use when there could be a gap of three weeks before sessions (as we calling the regular game off, in every case that one of the five players can't make it).

So I thought of a DramaSystem game, with a setting that allows each episode to feature a slightly different cast, from a pool of about ten or so, when missing players are assumed to be away, maybe doing procedural missions (maybe with some outer resolution system of therof). I also thought of taking turns on the GM position, because playing in DramaSystem look like a great fun.

Has anyone did something alike? How may that influence the token/benny economy? Any recommended series pitches that justify unplanned disappearences?


  • During my first game of Hillfolk, this happened a few times. The games continued to work if there were at least three (of 6) people in total, no discussion of the game to new or missing people when they returned. The no discussion was the most important part and it carried through to no discussion of the game outside the game. It meant returning or new players had to manage scenes to discover what had happened, it really produced a good fog of war and freshness to the game. No noticeable effect on the bennie economy IMO.
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