NIFTY/MUNCHKIN usage of Bio signatures (WARNING: SPOILER for The Pleasure Bringers)?

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A question for any brave soul out there:

Can Bio Signatures be used to check for what isn't known? For instance: Being already aware an unknown alien species is about round a certain area, could the Bio Signatures check for this unknown species by using this very fact, thusly "scanning the unknown" (a "negative scan")?

My PCs are playing The Pleasure Bringers & became aware of the Druath, yet, Xenobiology told 'em nothing. They're trying scanning the jungle with Bio Signatures, to see what lifeforms are new (& unknown) to the ship's scanners... thus locating them critters... Should I allow this?



  • If it's dramatically appropriate for the PCs to jump to the last scene, it works.
    If it's not, then because the Druath basically piggyback on other species, the Bio Scanners have trouble distinguishing them from humans, especially in that thick jungle. The PCs can leave their ship's computer running scans and building up a database while they go and investigate other leads; if they get stuck, the computer alerts them that it's detected an anomaly...
  • His:

    Makes sense... Keeping it "tight but loose."

    Thanks for the swell response.

  • The trick is never painting yourself into a corner when it comes to the tech. Always add a qualifier. "You can detect it because you cross-connect the navigation array into the technobabble generator - under normal circumstances, you'd never have detected such a faint signal" or "normally, intercepting such a signal would be easy, but you've got to filter out a lot of meson shrapnel".

    The qualifier/conditions ensure the tech serves the need of the story, without the players feeling that they can't rely on their equipment from week to week.
  • Thanks, MH! Luv yr work (esp. in Hawkmoon)!

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