Planning Document for my first 2E Esoterrorists Game

First, a small introduction. I'm from Twitter (@synthyte) and I've been an Esoterrorists fan since stumbling across the book (and Robin) at GenCon 2008. I've run two Esoterrorists games in the Saint Louis area and two GUMSHOE games at GenCon 2010, one ToC:BoL called "The Parhelic Circle" and a barely-modified Esoterrorists (in SPACE!) called "There Is No Food." So while I've had SOME experience w/ GUMSHOE and Esoterrorists, it's not as much as I'd like, given that it's both my favorite system AND my favorite RPG (to run, at least). That's about to change. Now that The Esoterrorists 2E is in my hands and I've got GenCon 2014 to prepare for, I'm working on my first *full-scale* Esoterrorists story. Despite Gareth's wonderful work on the Station Duty expansion, I'm opting for a "one-shot" scenario instead because A) it's better suited for beginners and B) it's better suited for convention play.

My favorite thing about The Esoterrorists (besides, you know, seeing what kind of shocking turn of events occurs during play) is the "ripped from the headlines" aspect. Ever since I read this article ( I'd been wondering; what would, if any, the psychological effects be of living every day on top of all that ammunition? And simultaneously, of course, I began to imagine how the Esoterrorists would use the national ammo shortage/panic to their benefit. And last week, I finally began weaving my web in which to snare my OV agents. Compared to my previous games, which were shorter and (I feel) relied too much on my improv skills, I want this scenario to be a comprehensive reference I can easily rely on to keep my story taut as a piano wire with even the most diverse set of players I might end up with.

Because I'm doing this in Google Docs, I'm not using quite as rigid a planning document as I did when I used lined notebooks, which means I'm still trying to negotiate an efficient process for structuring the story as I create it. So I'll apologize for the haphazard layout and probably somewhat confusing half-informations presented here but it'll give you a solid idea of what I'm working towards, hopefully enough to merit suggestions and criticisms). Make sure and check back at least once a week as I'll definitely be pinning more meat to this skeleton.

I should also hasten to add that if you are planning on attending GenCon 2014 and will be looking for Esoterrorists games to join, either avoid this document all together (and probably the thread) or make a point to avoid joining my game.
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