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So the rules talk about damage modifier for combat of -1, -2 ... this is kind of a silly question, but in my gaming life I've seen "minimum of 1 damage" when modifiers are applied.

It would be easy to tweak in game, but do folks have a suggestion of when there's a damage modifier, whether due to using an improvised weapon unskilled, or someone wearing armor, do you use:

"Minimum damage of 1" ... so that successful hits always due tiny damage, or
"Minimum damage of 0" ... so that its possible to *not at all hurt* some-one/thing

Obviously *no* minimum damage would mean you'd heal someone inflicting -1 point of damage. ;)


  • The intention was zero, but in all but Fear I use 1.
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    Oh great and powerful Oz  Simon.

    I think your "Toy Gumshoe" article is a tremendous boon, are there any plans to finish that generous serial? Mayhap consider releasing it as a purchaseable entity, if not !

    I "convinced" [ too strong a word ] my wife, co-brother-in-law and sister-in-law to play Fear Itself due to its collaborative creation of a horror movie. My apprehension? I've never run a game, and last I played any RPG was when a certain game filled with Warrens & Wyrms released a 2nd edition. 

     I know if run it well [ enough ], this would be the start of many successful and fun gaming nights, and I can't wait to use the "scenarios" and Gumshoe rulesets I've purchased [ Fear Itself, 1st ed EsoTerrorists, et al ]

    Name-dropping off, and many thanks for your time and the company ( Pelgrane Press, not real life company )

  • I didn't spot this, sorry! Yes, I will do the next issue of Toy GUMSHOE.
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