Icon Dice for sale?

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Forgive me if this covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find any information from my search.

Does Pelgrane plan on selling Icon Dice (as seen on the 13 True Ways Kickstarter) at any point? I'm guessing it probably would not be cost effective for Pelgrane, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I'd buy some.


  • I don't think they've been manufactured yet. If I remember right, those of us that pre-ordered 13th Age are supposed to be getting the dice as well, and I haven't gotten mine yet.
  • I preordered 13A, but I don't recall reading anything about getting an escalation die. Can you site any source for that?

    Alternatively, there is a printable escalation die that you can download, print out, and put into a plastic photo cube of a certain size ... it's on the downloads page somewhere on this site. I plan on using that for sure since I have a large d6, but not nearly large enough that people can't miss it :)
  • I think the Icon die was for Kickstarter backers of 13 True Ways. Truth be told, I'd forgotten about that, but I'm assuming it'll get sent out when the book does.
  • Escalation Edition orders (the first 1000 pre-orders of the core book) will get the Escalation Die. The Icon Die was never offered outside of the 13 True Ways Kickstarter.
  • Sorry, I got Escalation confused with Icon. Either way, I didn't recall reading anything about a free die. Though my wife did make a cool 4.5" Escalation die using the template on this site. She's crafty that way. Made it out of stiff tagboard covered with printouts of the die sides, and actually it's very sturdy even without any reinforcement.
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    This is what I did for an Icon Die :

    I ordered a blank d12 (actually 5, so I had some to make mistakes on) and then I went to town with a fine pen - and I am NOT very artistic as can clearly be seen - but still it makes a very doable and readable die!


    Sry for the poor quality of the image, my cellphone does not handle macro'ing well :)
  • Wow, that's fantastic!

    I hope it doesn't smudge... :/
  • Nice die. What kind of pen did you use, and has it smudged?
  • I don't know the exact brand, but one meant to write on CD/DVD's and it did smudge a teensy bit as it took forever to dry and the excess got a little smeared.
    I think that if you were to use proper miniatures paint and maybe finished it off with painting a coat of clearcoat (or a VERY light spray clearcoat), it would be better!
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    Here is the Icon Dice for sale from Campaign Coins:
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