Vehicle repair in combat rule

On p. 42, column 2, paragraph 2, it says:

"Emergency repairs can be conducted during combat. The mechanic acts at the beginning of an opponent's attack, before her weaponry roll. The roll itself takes a levy of 2. The vehicle is treated as automatically failing any intergrity rolls for the remainder of the round."

Does anyone understand what this rule means? Does anyone even understand what it is aiming at?

Taken literally, it seems to mean the following: a PC can opt to sabotage his own craft by the use of a mechanics check. This happens BEFORE the enemy even shoots at, let alone damages, his vessel. Regardless of result, the vehicle will be damaged.

This can't be right, surely? Why is the roll to fix something necessarily taken before the thing is broken? Is this so that the other characters can work out that it was sabotage and not enemy action that caused the damage? But if so, why is the check not made in secret?

Why is there no use of mechanics to fix something instead of sabotaging it? The vehicle combat rules seemed to be to give three PCs something to do during a combat, so why can the mechanic not act in the interests of the crew?

Why is the effect of the check not dependent on the result of the check? The rules state that simply by attempting a check, the result is fixed and automatic.

Why need the roll happen before the attack? This seems to act to remove any tension from the drama. We should not know a result in advance, should we?

My best guess is that this paragraph is a mistake, and the writer meant to type something completely different. That mechanics should be less effective at fixing things than weaponry is at destruction, I understand, hence the levy of 2 on each roll. Why isn't mechanics treated much the same as Weaponry and Piloting, with the mechanic able to use his ability to supplement the ship's?

One frustrating aspect of the vehicle combat rules, is that they do not say how the abilities of the crew and the stats of the ship combine. If the ship has a pool of 2 and a PC has a pool of 1, and the enemy rolled an impressive success, can the ship make a counter-roll? Can the ship's and PC's stats combine?
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