Considering MCB

So after our current fantasy game wraps up in a few months I am considering running MCB but I was wondering what some people thought of it. Let me outline the situation:

We generally have 4 to 6 players (plus myself). 6 is rare, 5 pretty common, we won't play if less than 4 (plus me) can make it. How does MCB work with 5 or 6 players? Is that too many cop-cooks in the crime-solving kitchen do you think?

We play once/month for about 3 hours (4 tops) of actual true playing (after eating, socializing, etc). I plan on using Hard Helix and Brief Cases scenarios at least to start. Are they brief enough to be played through start-to-finish in that time? I am hoping so because then it wouldn't matter as much if different players could or couldn't make it as each "case" would only last a single session.

So does MCB sound like a good fit for us?


  • I've run it for five players. On the General ability side, there is such an array of mutant powers that you'll have no problems differentiating between characters; there will be some overlap on the non-investigative side, but that's no bad thing. I'd suggest you start with Brief Cases which you'll definitely fit in three hours, with a spare one if you need it, though a couple of the Hard Helix adventures could be run in that time.
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