Pleasure Bringers Mapping

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I've ran this a couple of times now and have been using different maps for some of the locations. All the maps are created by me using ProFantasy software, some are good and some were done when i was still learning it.

If you are playing my adventure STOP reading you naughty people.

Anyway, here we go..
All in one zip file approx 30mb.


  • These are really cool!

    How do you use the maps in your game? I was thinking of doing something similar to your "Welcome" graphic for each world the Lasers visit, and possibly use FT and CosPro to do the world and system maps, but they'd pretty much be flavor. The grids on the close-in maps suggest that you use minis: do you use a particular mini system, or just use it to show slightly-less loosey-goosey relative space between characters?
  • When running this face to face we use minis where needed, just so folks get an idea of whats happening, and most people relate well to maps. We aren't strict on distances, but they are 5' squares. The grid is mainly for roll20, when i run this online with video and voice chat.
  • Thanks! They're great!
  • great job :)

    Especially the planet, quite useful for everyone probably.
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