Six packed missing Pre-Gen Characters

I was looking at using this for a game to introduce some players to Gumshoe in the next few days and thought about using SP.
But I don't have time to make the characters and it mentions on page 7 what sounds like 4 pre-gens.
I checked the rescources page but could not find them there.
Is it a typo and they were not shipped with the product?
Otherwise can some one help with where they are hidding?



  • Look on the Esoterrorists resources page, under Sample Characters.
  • Thanks,
    I think I already had a look and they did not look like characters specifically for the adventure, as it lists.
    Two of the pre-generated PCs don't have to provide a cover for this investigation, one
    being member of the Walthamstow CID (Crime Investigative Division), the other one
    being a criminal pathologist. Only the remaining two PCs should provide themselves
    with a covering story.

    So I got the impression that the adventure was supposed to come with 4? pre-gens.
    I suppose I could look over the sample characters, but if these 4 were built for the adventure with build points for 4 players, it might have saved a little time.

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    Nobody from Pelgrane

  • Sorry - I can't find pregens for this. Candidly, this was a game created by Paolo for our game group - I honestly can't remember what happened to the characters. I'll see what I can find.
  • Cheers, don't stress over this time of year. Have a frosty one.

  • Any luck finding the Pre-Gens?
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