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As I am not a native English speaker I am confused about a part of document 7, namely the part on page 57 were the words of the senteces are mixed up (end of first column and 2/3 of second column). I am not sure if the sentences are supposed to be sorted by the reader or if they really are mixed by a "mad writer". Could anyone help me to decipher the content or meaning of this sentences?


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    Page 57??? My version of The Armitage Files have the carnival strongman on page 57...
    [EDIT:] Aha, page 57 of the downloaded handouts. I feel stupid now :P [END EDIT]

    Anyway, early on in the the book (page 7) there is a section called "Document Keys" were each document gets a short summary to help the Keeper. Both codes from document 7 are decoded in this section.

    It is suggested that the players can decipher the codes with a 2-point spend in Cryptography, unless you have players that like word puzzles, that is...
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    [--Ah, crossposted with OlderNick!]
    I have not played this adventure so I am guessing. I think the paragraphs are intended to reflect that the author writing the passages is not bound by the normal passage of time. I don't know if there is a pattern to make sorting the paragraphs easier. But, for example, picking words that make sense from all the paragraphs can generate some interesting clues. I generated this sentence, 'That I still appear weak and suddenly strike with the force of a savage jungle ape,' before realizing that the deciphered passage is written out on page 8 of the Armitage Files book. I was close! So the key for the players, if they want to struggle with the documents, is to identify the location of Gainesville, Georgia and the name Bridgeman. That should lead to Flowers or Fort...but I'm not sure. Time travel always confuses me. If the players don't want to struggle with the decryption, then a 2 point cryptography spend reveals the correct message.
  • Thanks a lot, both of you! :-)
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