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  • From the FAQ -

    "It’s worth noting that the only element of mooks that is collective is their hit points. If you use a spell or power against a mook that creates a condition like dazed or weakened or ongoing damage, the only mook or mooks affected by the condition are the mooks that you targeted. Dazing a single mook doesn’t daze the entire mob."

    Came up in a thread that this description uses "condition" in a non-technical sense, which is confusing in a clarifying FAQ. Ongoing damage is not a condition as per p 172-3: ongoing damage is not listed under conditions and conditions definitionally do not stack whereas ongoing damage does.

    As per language from Combat Boon and Protection domain, the category that includes both conditions and ongoing damage (as well as some other spell or power generated oddities like feated Vicious Mockery) should be referred to as "save ends effects."
  • The Continual Warp feat for a multiclass Chaos Mage doesn't make sense. It says that drawing a stone for the other class doesn't cancel any warp effect already going and says that the warp effect continues until it's replaced by another or the end of battle. However, all warp effects seem to be immediate or until the end of the turn after the stone that activates it is drawn, meaning that any warp effect would have already ended by the time a multiclass stone is drawn. Can we get a clarification on what the Continual Warp feat should do?
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    13 True Ways, p.85, "Death's Gauntlet"

    Hit: 1d4 + Intelligence modifier ongoing negative energy damage. 

    Special: Instead of taking the ongoing damage at the end of its turn, the target can use its standard action to strike out at the skeletal limbs or spectral arms that are flailing at it. When it does, the ongoing damage ends and you can’t use death’s gauntlet again until the end of your next turn. 


    But ongoing damage is taken at the start of the turn.

  • p.173 Core Book states that ongoing damage is taken at the end of your turn.
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    Good afternoon.

    In 13th Age Bestiary, I've found something in the side text of the elder couatl that doesn't fit.
    In the side text, it says that (unlike the standard couatl) the elder couatl's forked devastation "has an effect when it generates an odd hit". Is this a mistake? Or is that effect missing?
  • #1: GM Screen (back of screen.pdf)

    P. 3

    Optional: Players roll icon dice for the next session for story
    setup instead of at beginning. (pg. 182)

    Should be pg. 179 instead.

    #2: In the Make Your Own Luck adventure, the character classes are incorrectly written as the races, and vice versa.
  • In Page 199:

    "feel free to make things interesting by splitting them into a few different mobs with different initiative numbers and damage pools"

    Should be "hit point pools" instead, like how it appears on the SRD.
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