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  • Anything you can tell us about the future of Dying Earth / Skulduggery?

    By the way, I've just started reading the Songs of the Dying Earth anthology - highly recommended, the stories I've read so far really capture the spirit of Jack Vance's world!
  • Hi,
    I have a rules question on Skulduggery contests--I apologize if this is covered somewhere else.
    In a contest is a character allowed to pay for and make a roll that brings the character's pool to 0 without immediately losing the contest? I want to confirm that paying the pool down to 0 does not immediately lose the contest for that character. The question is based on the example of play on p. 15, in which an NPC with 3 points in a relevant pool declines to spend 3 points for a reroll because doing so brings the pool to 0 and the text indicates if he spends the point[s], he loses.
    Compare this example to the example on pp. 20-21, where the character spends her last 3 points--dropping her pool to 0--to make a final roll that winds up winning the contest.
    I think the first example is in error but perhaps there is a fact I am missing.
  • This issue went back and forth during design; I thought I'd caught all the vestigial references to the superseded rule but obviously missed this one.

    I initially had players lose when their pools went down to 0 but felt that this was too harsh/anti-climactic.

    So yes, you can still make one more roll when you go down to 0, and are not knocked out of the contest.
  • Thanks! That decision seems pretty clear from the later examples.
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    A little self promotion here! My brother Bill and I discuss the Skulduggery game I ran at Dreamation at my podcast, Virtual Play. We include some excerpts from the game as well. In sum, it was a great time! I think the players enjoyed the game and I know I did. We created characters randomly--I listed all the skills etc. in tables and let the players roll to accumulate pool points. Then we created the starting situation for the characters and we were off and running!

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